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Outdoor Living...
In late 2005, we called Paul to help with a challenging over grown unuseable yard. Our house, which is almost 100 years old, was never well cared for, with a smallish patio that was isolated from the rest of the yard and had huge shrubs that you could not get around when you walked out the back door. Having lived in the house for almost 5 years the landscaping bothered us from the beginning, but having a toddler was what finally set us over the edge and caused us to seek out a pro.

We were introduced to Paul through a mutual friend. From the start, Paul and I hit it off – he understood all the problems, listened to my ideas about what I would like to see changed, and immediately came up with impactful solutions that were aligned with my design sensibilities and also cared for the existing character of the house. He and I had similar design sensibilities and he had a very collaborative process. Being a working mom, with very little time to spare, it was important to me to have a landscaper who could take my input and run with it. My husband, while mostly agreeable with the choices Paul and I made, had a very specific opinion on the new outdoor kitchen he wanted installed. Paul was able to design and build a new patio and outdoor kitchen that we both love.

Overall, working with Paul was just a wonderful experience.

- Michelle

Grand Colonial...
We chose to work with Blizard Landscaping because Paul was genuinely excited and enthusiastic about taking on our project and meeting our design goals. He had a definite vision for the project but was very flexible about incorporating our ideas. We found him to be both professional and well qualified.

Paul's involvement in our project was extensive. Not only did he arrange all the sub contractor’s, but he did all the towns paper work needed for the project. He also was on site frequently checking on his work and to answer any questions.

The final outcome of our project is breathtaking and we continue to find new and unique ways to utilize the outdoor space that has been created with Paul's design and crew. He comes highly recommended.


Dream House...
We were initially attracted to Blizard Landscaping because both our architect and our builder recommended him. Paul is detail oriented, professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. He conveyed a genuine concern for meeting our goals. His willingness to work within our budgetary constraints was greatly appreciated.

He has absolutely bent over backwards to please us. He recognized that this project is our dream house. He painstakingly examined every aspect of the project to ensure that it stayed on budget, without compromising our goals. His final design exceeded our expectations. Paul really listened to us and then interpreted our desires into a design that stayed within budget.

Paul is clearly passionate about his profession. It is reflected in every aspect of his work, including presentation materials, attention to detail and endless follow ups. It was really nice to work with someone willing to put his ego aside and deliver a product that reflects us rather than someone else's view.

- Lisa.

Deer Proof Planting and Drainage Solutions...
The planting Paul designed for us is a perfect fit for our house. The lines are unusual, but not obtrusive. The biggest problem we have are the deer that eat everything in sight. Paul chose plants that he knew the deer would not touch, I was a bit sceptible at first but the deer have not touched one plant. The flower display of the perennials seems to never end and are perfect for cut flowers.

The complementary lay out of the plants that Paul designed is what you can see, but there is also another part you can't. Before we had small ponds around our home and after it rained we always had a wet basement. Paul designed a drainage system that even after the heaviest rains the basement remains dry. I didn’t think it could be done.

We enjoyed every minute of the design project, from his careful analysis of the possibilities and problems of the deer and drainage, to the final flawless installation.

- Leslie

A New Home...
Paul was an ideal landscaper for our project. We were inexperienced when it came to design and construction, but Paul was patient with us and took the time to explain everything and did extra research when necessary. He worked closely with our architect, designing our new home, incorporating our feedback until the design met our needs. His design included everything from the layout of the patio, to the unusual plants, to the built-in outdoor kitchen and lighting. His crew was the nicest, cleanest workers that we had on the project. We are extremely happy with the final product!

We appreciated Paul's involvement in the project, making trips to town hall to file the appropriate documentation, helping us find a great pool contractor, and visiting the project regularly after the work was done to check in. He was always available via phone or e-mail.

If we ever decide to do another project, we would not hesitate to call upon Paul's expertise again.

- Sandi

Master Plan...
The back yard of our house originally was unusable due to a steep slope with a very modest patio and a pool that was not connected. Our goal was to create a master plan that gave us a usable back yard. Mr. Blizard brilliantly captured our general ideas with very pleasing and functional designs for our front and rear yards. His innovations included a low wall around our pool that actually made the back lawn seem larger and beautifully designed planting through out. He used long stones set in geometric patterns in the patio and walk ways that give both a unified flow, solving the issue of varying grade heights. Very impressive designs.

Working with Paul and his crew was fantastic. They bent over backwards to get our job done.

- Richard